American Mortgage Capital Group LLC (AMCG) was formed in 2007 as an investor in distressed residential mortgage debt. From 2007 to 2014 AMCG formed three separate private equity funds and invested in distressed residential mortgages on a national basis. All of the loans purchased for the various funds during that period of time have since been resolved or sold. The proceeds have been returned to investors. AMCG is currently exploring new fund opportunities.

AMCG’s lengthy experience in pricing, analyzing, and resolving defaulted mortgage loans has created a wealth of knowledge of mortgage underwriting practices, and reasons borrowers default. AMCG is currently utilizing this knowledge and experience to provide credit and underwriting consulting services to the mortgage industry. Check out to learn more about our new tool for non QM and LTM lenders. Loan ATRibutes is a registered trademark of AMCG.